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About Us

Dönmez Clutch presents their products that have been prominent with its quality in Turkish market since 1980, as “Hammer Kupplungen” brand, which assures their customers, to global market. Hammer Kupplungen has been producing clutch pressure plate, clutch disks, clutch bearing, flywheel and turbocharger to heavy vehicles and light commercial vehicles in the automotive market where the world's giants are, and adds value to their production with their pre-sales and after-sales services.

Hammer Kupplungen, whose brand journey successfully continues, providing their service, which Dönmez Clutch is the sole and leading actor inland, by exporting to more than eighty country especially United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Annually 200 thousand clutch set (pressure plate, disk, bearing and flywheel) producing Dönmez Clutch, in addition to, exporting their %50 of the production to global market as Hammer Kupplungen, carries on their activities in the new factory with renewed production lines since September 2020.

Dönmez Clutch, who makes functional, special and integrated production with genuine designs and experience in the business ecosystem where innovative ideas and competitive environment gain momentum day by day, continues to achieve new successes in the global market each passing day with Hammer Kupplungen brand.

DÖNMEZ DEBRİYAJ you can contact these people for information;
Nail Can Albayrak Export Sales - Export Sales Responsible Telephone: +90 531 377 74 13
Ignasi Cunillera Export Sales - Export Sales Responsible Telephone: +905313908782
Gülten KARA İş geliştirme - uzman Telephone: 0554139075